breast augmentation

also known as augmentation mammaplasty, breast augmentation surgery can be performed either with breast implants or fat transfer.

this patient is a 22 year old woman who underwent 330 ml saline implant breast augmentation with a periareolar approach and a dual plane submuscular placement.

this patient is a 41 year old woman who after two pregnancies underwent 300 ml saline implant breast augmentation with excellent results.

this patient is a 24 year old woman who felt she fit poorly in clothing and needed a more balanced proportion. she underwent 330 ml saline breast implants with a inframammary incision with excellent results.

this patient is a 38 year old woman who underwent 360 ml silicone breast implant augmentation with an incision around the nipples (periareolar).

this patient is a 36 year old athletic woman who underwent two successive fat transfer procedures to the breast, resulting in a natural, modest, and permanent breast enhancement.